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Best Asian experiences for students in Cardiff

Category: Cardiff

by Tommy

Cardiff has always had a huge Asian influence with delicious and authentic restaurants and supermarkets alike. Dotted around Cardiff, you’re never far from an Asian fix, be it Japanese or Korean – you can tantalise your pallet in the heart of the Welsh capital.
Here's some of our favourite Asian experiences in Cardiff you must try whilst you're studying and staying in Cardiff.

Riverside Cantonese Restauran
Let’s start off with the oldest established Cantonese restaurant in South Wales – the Riverside Cantonese. Their Hong Kong-trained chefs keep up with the latest food trends, but they also don’t forget the centuries-old tradition that has made Cantonese food so popular in Britain.

From the delicious morsels that are Dim Sum to the sumptuous feast that is an Imperial Banquet, there's always going to be something that tempts or intrigues your taste buds.

Situated 5 minutes away from the city centre, the Riverside Cantonese Restaurant offers much more than your average Chinese take-away. Be sure to bring your friends along so you can sample the whole variety of authentic Cantonese dishes this restaurant has to offer.


Unique to Cardiff for both its fresh cuisine and authentic culture, .CN offers a fresh and modern take on Mandarin Chinese cuisine like no other, from the single authentic menu that caters for both Eastern and Western diners alike.  Influenced from the Northern provinces of China, .CN stands out as something which many customers will immediately recognise as something they thought was only offered in China. 

Dishes ranging from steamed sea bass, Peking pork with pancake freshly made stuffed-steamed buns or pig’s trotters don’t tempt you, they also offer Chinese Hot Pot, a thousand year old traditional dining experience. A simmering pot of either spicy or vegetable broth is the central attraction, served with a vast selection of meats, seafood and vegetables – it is a great student social and cultural experience to be shared between both family and friends.


There are only a few Japanese restaurants in Cardiff, but Ichiban is ‘the one’ literally – and oh boy, it is. Ichiban hosts an authentic Japanese dining experience with food that delivers, such as sashimi, katsu-don, ramen noodles and fresh sushi. For a cuisine of such seeming simplicity, the spectrum of quality of sushi available on the UK high-street is vast. The fine margin between garbage and quality lies in the detail - Ichiban’s success lies in the use of exceptionally fresh, quality fish and moist, firm, flavoursome sushi rice.

There are two Ichiban restaurants situated on opposite sides of the city centre, so you’re never far from one - or if you fancy a sushi and noodle night-in, they also offer take-away and delivery service – perfect for students!


There's a lot of hype around Kimchi in Cardiff, and the hype is real. A 10 minute walk away from the city centre, Kimchi is the only authentic Korean restaurant in Cardiff. 

The sound of Korean barbecue, sizzling as you walk in, each table in Kimchi has a barbeque built-in for you to cook your own delicious meat and vegetables. The portions come to feed the masses, you can order yourself a massive plate of gorgeous bulgogi seasoned beef, with lettuce leaves to roll. Kimchi offer traditional Bibimbap, a piping hot stone bowl filled with a little bit of everything (it literally translates as ‘mixed rice’!). 

Again with all Asian dining, bring your friends along to truly get a taste of Korean cuisine.

Asian Supermarkets

Cardiff is Europe’s fastest growing multicultural city – with this, it hosts a wide variety of world supermarkets which sell authentic groceries for you to take home and create your own Asian experience.

There is a plethora of Asian supermarkets around the city centre, here we have selected two of the most convenient and best value for money stores for students.

Cardiff Korean & Japanese Food store is the one-stop shop for getting your Vietnamese summer rolls, aloe vera drinks, frozen fish balls and buns. This small but packed shop is located at the end of Woodville Road, ideally placed for your walk-back home after a long day at university.

Eastern Chinese Supermarket is in located in Riverside, opposite the Millennium stadium in the town centre – it is the largest Asian supermarket in Cardiff and it has a wide range of imported Asian goodies for you to buy. Ranging from fresh vegetables such as bean sprouts, mooli and choi sum, they also have every sauce, marinade, spices etc to perfect your dishes at home.

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