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'N' is for so very 'nice', at The Neighbourhood

Category: Cardiff, Student Life

Amelia Heggie of Studio Denim is the interior designer responsible for the warm ambience, calm colourful design schemes, ‘Scandi’ style interiors and home-from-home ethos of The Neighbourhood.

Amelia has worked in the interior design field for 20+ years, creating award winning restaurant and bars, rejuvenating country pads and renovating gorgeous homes.

She started designing as a teenager and was always looking at the room space, how to make it look great and how to do great bedroom design on a budget.  She was then asked by her friends to design their bedrooms, introducing bold art works, curating great pictures, creating wall hangings and always considering how the room design would make the person feel.

Amelia’s personal design style is very country house meets boutique hotel, with fun colourful design elements, providing an overarching feeling of space, and displaying a real sense of how a dream student home could look and feel. Feminine fun touches mix with clean lines and vibrant colour schemes, to create a relaxing interior with a young vibe.

Amelia can often be seen at The Neighbourhood with a new set of books for the shelves, or updating the graffiti wall art, dressed in her colourful clothes, very much living The Neighbourhood creative dream of combining playful design, natural materials and industrial style.

Amelia says, ‘The Neighbourhood is so much more than just a student room.  As a mother of three teenagers I’m always trying to imagine what would make the student’s study and living life the best it can be.  For example if they’re from another country they’ll really want to live in a studio which offers all the home comforts and makes them feel at ease too. So, we’ve really concentrated on the detail, how the room feels, what makes it feel like home whilst still being functional for study.

Texture and pattern were key to making a warm and welcoming interior space. We used textiles, colour, pictures, lighting and incorporated designer furniture to give a feel of modern vintage living. It was important to create a lived-in-style with the right mix of old and new. Without a little vintage, shiny and modern interiors can seem soulless. When the two come together, the interiors become unique and fresh.

"I tried to think about what my family and I cherish most in a personal living room, with comfort and style foremost in my mind, and took it from there. If I was a student, I’d love to love at The Neighbourhood."

Amelia Heggie 
Founder, Studio Denim