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Student Discounts for UK Students (2021/22)

Category: Cardiff

You probably have noticed since arriving in the UK how being a student can save you money. However, I don't think you know how powerful your student ID/email is. As a UK student, you have access to lots of discounts, you can get some of them through apps made specifically for students or you can ask in your local shops, where you'll probably find lots of shops offering a decent student discount. This blog will cover Apps and shops that offer student discounts.


Did you know that you can subscribe to Amazon Prime for free for 6 months! All you need to do is just sign up using your student email. You will be able to enjoy Amazon Prime free/next-day deliveries and access a wide range of Movies and series on Prime Video. Also, your student email can get you to listen to free unlimited music for a month through Spotify or Amazon music.

Moreover, these platforms provide separate subscription plans for students with better prices so check them out.

If you feel too busy or lazy to check which places got discounts, you can use websites and apps such as UniDays (which you can use your account ID on it as proof that you’re a student instead of your student ID), Totum, Wowcher, student beans, and VC students. These applications cover a vast collection of discounts for fashion, food, electronics, and even more. 

Local Shops and Supermarkets

Lots of shops, cafés, and restaurants around Cardiff offer student discounts as Chunky Chicken, Ostro, and Fireaway Pizza, which offer 10% off on collection. If you fancy a dessert, the Little Dessert Shop which is right next to the Neighbourhood offers a special 15% off discount for the Neighbourhood residents. You might also consider 39 Desserts with 15% off and Krispy Kreme with 10% off in the city center. When you need any stationery, “Pen and Paper” in Royal Arcade offer a student discount too.

City Road has always been popular with a variety of cuisines so if you ever wanted to try Persian cuisine, AMO's Café offers a 10% student discount. If you wanted to add more spice to your meal, you should visit Mirchi or Bombay Grill which offer 20% off on collection on various Indian cuisine specialties. If you are craving Mediterranean or are fed up with supermarket style cakes, Deli Fuego offers 20% off on collection where they provide a selection of freshly made delicious cakes.  

Some shops especially supermarkets have reward programs that allow you to get vouchers when you collect more points through your purchases. These points can be collected through loyalty cards as Tesco Clubcard, Sainsbury's Nectar card (which also work with Argos and eBay), Boots advantage card, M&S Loyalty Card, and Lidl Plus. These programs might not be just for students but if you have a specific supermarket that you regularly visit, that might save you some money in the future. 

You can never imagine the wide variety of places that offer discounts; did you know that you can even get a student discount on your new haircut? Susan beauty salon, just in front of the Neighbourhood, offers 10% off and Moustache Barbershop in City Road offers 20% off for students. 

Why should you go for it?

You might think that 10% off your pizza price won't make that difference in your day, however after a year you might find yourself saving hundreds of pounds. So why don't you get more for less, if you can!?

It’s always worth asking as although some discounts might be displayed, some you have to ask about them. And remember if you don’t ask, you don't get!  

Written by Dalia El-Ghazawy, March 2021