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Things to do in Exeter

Category: Student Life, Exeter

As we crawl towards the day we can finally reunite with the pub and our friends. Here are some fun ideas to keep you entertained, besides binging Bridgerton on Netflix again!

Go and Explore
Find a new area of Exeter to go and explore. Wandering down to the quay for a milkshake or along one of the Exeter Green Circle walks are my favourite for animal spotting.

All Neighbourhood flats come equipped with a kitchen perfect for baking! Whether you go for simple chocolate chip cookies or attempt the technical challenges from Bake Off, it is a fun and tastily rewarding skill to nurture. Also, one of the oven wire grill stands can be doubled as a cooling rack!  Then tell your Neighbourhood neighbours you have baked and they will swarm you with support for your baking abilities, but mainly the goodies produced.

Go For a Bike Ride
The Neighbourhood has bikes you can borrow to explore Exeter. Cycle down the River Exe to Topsham or as far as the sea!

Have a Virtual Social with Friends
Many of us are bored of zoom quizzes but there are other things we can do online, including chess, boardgames and virtual murder mysteries. Also, Among Us, Photo Roulette and Psych! are all apps that you could spend an evening enjoying with friends.

Do something thoughtful for others
I find it helpful when I’m going crazy with boredom to focus on someone else. Give your nan a ring, send a care package to a friend or create a personalised FreePrints card with pictures to send to a loved one. Everyone loves to get something in the post.

Start Reading Again
It’s something many of us don’t find the time to do enough, but there’s nothing better than having the time to snuggle up with a good book. My recent read recommendations are Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman and The Queens Gambit by Walter Tevis. There are also many free classics you can access via the kindle app.

Granted it is trickier in a flat, however, my plant babies have been such a comfort whilst stuck at home. My personally named potted flowers and succulents decorate my flat and my very own herb garden spices up my cooking too!

Find a New Hobby
Whatever it may be, a lot of us have too much time on our hands at the moment so try something new. Jigsaws and knitting have been my lockdown salvation. I know people who have taught themselves coding and new languages during lockdown. Get on hobbycraft’s website and order yourself a paint by numbers or a scrapbook.

Talk to The Neighbourhood Staff
They are always there for a chat or advice about the local area. They are completely dedicated to student wellbeing and are keen to support those struggling with isolation.